Jon D. Shawn, 30th October 2018

The 5 Most Powerful Game Of Thrones Characters

(SPOILER ALERT!) Winter is coming and the final Game Of Thrones season is not far.
The following lines show a list of five major Game Of Thrones characters who are the most powerful. This list is solely based on my opinion about the abilities of the characters, but I hope this list will make sense to you when you read the explanations.
A note: While Littlefinger may have a right to be on this list, he is not on this list, because this list contains only living persons as of the end of season 7. Anyways let's start...winter is coming!

5. Arya Stark

Let's start with one character that has certainly gone through the most amazing evolution of all characters: Arya Stark. Yes, a little girl is on place five of the most powerful characters. And here's why: Arya always wanted to fight and she had a very long journey from back in season 1.
In the process she is becoming one of the best killers on Game Of Thrones. She was disciplined to become a no one and a perfect killer. She got beaten, a lot. That made her stronger. She has seen cruel things, a lot. That made her stronger.
And as we seen she is definitely capable to check every name on her list (sometimes with ease, as we have seen when she killed Walder Frey).
But what makes her really special is her fierce attitude, the ability to move fast and especially her ability to change faces. I think that makes her a solid number five.

4. Daenerys Targaryen

Well, one word: dragons. As the mother of dragons she is capable of controlling dragons. Well, we all know what dragons can do and how powerful the ability to control them is.
But I think it is not all about the dragons. Daenerys has a fearless attitude and has gone through a huge evolution from season 1 to season 7 (I would say the most drastic evolution of the characters after Arya).
Do you remember the Daenerys in season 1? No dragons, no Dothraki army, no Unsullied, no advisors (no Tyrion, no Varys, no Missandei etc.), no ships, no accomplishments in slavery. She was just a girl with a brother claiming the throne and using her to reach this goal.
It is no coincidence Varys, who is one of the most knowledgeable characters, left King's Landing to serve her.

3. Jon Snow (Aegon Targaryen)

This character is the most interesting character in the series. One of the main heroes of the saga, Jon Snow has more than earned that billing over the course of the last six seasons, going from bastard son of Ned Stark to Lord Commander of the Night's Watch to King in the North.
Along the way he's established his credentials as a respected leader in battle, earning the respect of his fellow brothers, the Northerners, and even the Wildlings. Furthermore, from his training at the hand of Rodrik Cassel to vanquishing a White Walker, he's established himself as arguably the greatest warrior currently living in Westeros.
Back in the first seasons he was already the favorite character of many GoT fans (at least certainly mine).
Jon is fearless, strong and one of the best leaders out there. He was the first who made peace with the Wildlings and has formed a large army in the process. There is a reason he was brought back to life.
He is going to play a key role in defeating (when it happens) the White Walkers and the Night King. Just look at those epic staredowns between the Night King and Jon. If someone will kill the Night King, it just has to be Jon.
You might wonder why I think Jon is more powerful than Daenerys with her dragons, but you have to consider that Jon is a Targaryen too.
So, imagine Jon flying one of the dragons (which by the way will probably happen in season 8, because there are two dragons left and Dany only can ride one at a time).

2. Bran Stark

He can thank Jamie Lannister (no question, it was still ruthless of Jamie) for this second place on this list. He wouldn't have become the Three-Eyed Raven without the fall. Bran would kind of play the same role as Rickon...a boring one in my opinion.
Bran has been on one hell of a journey in the past few years - even if part of that involved sitting out an entire season - and under the tutelage of the Three-Eyed Raven we've witnessed his power grow exponentially.
Bran is a very interesting character and here is the reason why he is the second most powerful character:
There is a reason for the Night King being after Bran. I mean, you can be pretty sure that you are very powerful when the most powerful and most feared creature wants you dead.
Another major ability: Bran can control creatures. And now I want you to imagine that Bran controls a dragon or even the Night King himself instead of ravens or Hodor. Do you think this is a powerful skill to have? Oh yes.
Bran isn't just a warg though. One person in a thousand can be a warg, but only one warg in a thousand can be a greenseer, which shows how rare Bran is. He's able to have visions of the past, which gives him knowledge to influence his future decisions, and can quite possibly see the future too. He's also able to interact with the past, which could have - and indeed might've already - a major impact on Westeros.

1. The Knight King

The Night King clearly needs no introduction. He controls a gazillion of White Walkers (some of them may even have the right to be on this list themselves) that are ready to kill every living being to expand their army.
You have to be a fool (or Cersei) to not fear the army of the dead. The Night King's army is growing larger and larger each time they succeed. It is a snowball effect. And you do not want to bet against the Night King and this snowball effect.
But it is not all about the size of a highly skilled army, it is the control the Night King has over his army and the loyalty of his army.
Robb Stark had a large army, but it isn't worth much if they aren't loyal to you and we all know how this ended.
I like to compare the Night King to Bran, because both of them can control creatures. But there is a key difference: Bran can control a creature, whereas the Night King controls a huge army that increases in size everytime they kill someone (And don't forget about Viserion, which makes him "mother of dead dragons", I guess...). I would say that's powerful.

The list goes certainly on with many characters being very powerful such as Tyrion, Jamie, Cersei, the Hound, Brienne, Tormund, Varys and many more. But that are the top 5 characters and I hope you agree on this list or parts of this list. What would be your list and why? Feel free to leave a comment with your list. Winter is coming (I hope it is coming fast, that we get the damn last season in early 2019. I can't wait anymore.)