Jon D. Shawn, 7th November 2018

The 5 Industries That Will Make You A Trillionaire

We all want to travel the world, enjoy life on our island having our favorite drink in our hands, having loyal servants and with beautiful women (or men) in our villa waiting for us. You might think you can't ever achieve this. You might think you can't ever stop working for your living. But, as more and more billionaires are created every year, it will soon be possible to see the first trillionaire on this planet. You can start working for your dreams to become a trillionaire by reading carefully this article. Here are the industries that are most likely to make you a trillionaire, who spends his last days on his own island after he/she has travelled the world and made an impact on this world with charitable organizations and endeavours. It's a great way to end life when you know you've accomplished your dreams and helped others in the process. Ethics is always a very hot topic when it comes to high net-worth individuals, but I see nothing wrong in committing his life to a dream of making a lot of money while helping others through charitable actions with this money. There are of course exceptions (as always), where they use this large sums to satisfy only their own selfish needs. But those people will soon enough find out what they've done with their life, when it all falls down. We all were born with nothing and we will all die with nothing, besides our memories. Here are the 5 industries you could disrupt in future to become the first trillionaire and leave a mark on this world:

1. Space Mining

Well, Space Mining is probably your best bet, though the most capital intensive on this list. It takes huge amounts of capital to get a foot in this industry, but it will reward you with massive returns on your capital. This industry will take a little longer to be disrupted, but when you're young this industry will definitely make you a trillionaire, if you succeed to get a foot in this future industry. Though you might think you already have to be a billionaire to start a space mining company, you could start by building a software company (or other companies that do not need much capital to start) and using the money to start your space mining company (by the way that's how Elon Musk got to start his space company by starting PayPal and using the money from the PayPal acquisition to start SpaceX).

When the European Space Agency’s Rosetta spacecraft and Philae lander made it to the surface of Comet 67P, there was a sudden renewed interest in going to space. However, the most valuable "near-term" space industry will likely stem from extracting resources found in near earth asteroids. While proving that both water and oxygen can be manufactured in space will be the first order of business, our growing need for platinum based metals could result in entire asteroids being dragged back to earth, each valued at hundreds of billions of dollars.

2. Ultra High Speed Transportation

Though this can be very capital intensive to start, the Transportation industry is certainly ready to get disrupted. With technologies like Hyperloop on the horizon it will happen in the near future. Simply put: When you find a way to transport a lot of people for small prices as fast and efficient as possible, you will be rewarded with trillions of dollars,

Traveling faster, more efficient, and for less money normally leads to a massively disruptive technology, which again leads to a less valuable industry. Yet, tube transportation, as proposed by Elon Musk and Daryl Oster would have just the opposite effect. When global transportation becomes easier and cheaper, people will travel more – much more. And with a more efficient system, the margins will be far greater.

Anyone who can find out how we can travel 1. Super fast 2. Energy efficient 3. Cheap 4. In large masses Will certainly become the first trillionaire.

3. Efficient Energy Storage

We gotten to the point of being relatively good at generating energy, but when it comes to storing power from one day to the next, we find ourselves still in the very early stages of development. Anyone who finds a super efficient way of storing power will quickly become the master of the energy universe. And with the energy industry being one of the most valuable in the world, that means that the master of the energy universe will certainly be a trillionaire. This industry is one of the least capital intensive on this list. When you find a way to store energy efficiently and at large scale you can start a venture-backed startup with relatively few capital. By the way, you could even get support from some governments, which are keen on generating renewable energy for the future. The hardest point is to find an efficient way for energy storage, which could take years of research and could become capital intensive over time.

4. 3D Printing

This could be your best bet, when you don't have the huge resources to start a space mining company or Ultra High Speed Transportation company. People think 3D Printing was a failure, being stucked in a "development recession" for some time. But now the industry is taking shape with new 3D Printers being made and huge research spending, which lead to a disruptive technology in the 3D printing space: Metal 3D Printing. Some years ago it was only possible to 3D print plastic toys or cellphone cases, but Metal 3D Printing could disrupt just about everything. Amazon, recently becoming a trillion dollar company, is one of the most valuable companies in the world. And now imagine, that you could build a 3D Printer which is very efficient, consumer-friendly and can print with plastics and metals. You could sell those printers to consumers and start selling designs on your e-commerce site, so when a consumer decides he needs a new iPhone cable, he could buy the design on the internet and print it at home in minutes - that beats every Amazon delivery time by far! The largest risk in this industry is, that it is a very new industry and the industry still needs a lot of research. But with time passing quickly, it is just a matter of time when the first 3D Printing nrillionaire emerges.

5. Artificial Intelligence

AI is probably the most obvious with so many people saying it will become a multi-trillion dollar industry. They are right - partly. AI will definitely disrupt every industry that there is. It is the versatile use of AI that makes processes in many industries smarter and thus more efficient, which means AI will save a lot of workforce and money for businesses. Even though many people fear AI, especially in combination with robotics, it is clear that AI will improve many aspects of life. This industry is kind of abstract when thinking about how one could use AI to become a trillionaire, but when you find a way to solve a trillion-dollar-problem (which is certainly possible with AI), you could be rewarded lucratively. According to the entrepreneur and billionaire Mark Cuban the first trillionaire will be an AI engineer. And that doesn't seem too farfetched, when looking at the amazing things one could do with Artificial Intelligence.

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